Historic building owners in North Carolina--be they homeowners, business owners, ecclesiastical organizations, or governmental agencies--all have the opportunity to seek technical advice from the Restoration Services Branch of the State Historic Preservation Office (HPO).

The best part? There's no cost or obligation associated with this service, and eligibility for assistance isn't limited to buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places or designated historic by local jurisdictions.

Consultations are subject to staff availability and encompass a variety of options:

  • Remote Consultation: Discuss building concerns with your assigned Restoration Specialist via phone, virtual meeting, and/or an email exchange of photographs, construction documents, etc..
  • Technical Articles and Sample Specifications: Receive reference materials on specific restoration topics, including product specs and information on appropriate treatment methods.
  • On-Site Building Assessments: Meet with your assigned Restoration Specialist to interpret existing conditions and identify strategies for promoting building performance and longevity.  
  • Referrals to Specialists: Benefit from the HPO's statewide network of preservation architects, contractors, and consultants; and, for industry professionals, reach out to become better acquainted with preservation best practices.

Additional Consultation Options

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  • The Restoration Services Branch routinely consults with non-profit organizations in the preservation realm, including museums, schools, local historical societies, land conservancies and trusts, and organizations which happen to inhabit or maintain historic structures. 
  • The Restoration Services Branch provides training to local historical commissions on a variety of building-related topics, and collaborates with local governments to promote sensitive adaptive reuse in the context of downtown development.

  • The Restoration Services Branch assists North Carolina schools and universities in advancing curricula and introducing young people to topics like architectural history, traditional construction, material science, and historic preservation.
  • Educational opportunities for working professionals in real estate, real estate development, and the construction industry are available and encouraged!

  • The Restoration Services Branch routinely partners with local sponsors to offer workshops and training programs intended to empower individuals with hands-on knowledge in building restoration and conservation.
  • Past interactive sessions have covered a range of subjects, from building pathology and diagnostics to historic window repair; from traditional masonry techniques to the application of wood preservatives.