The Restoration Services Branch of the State Historic Preservation Office is dedicated to providing essential technical preservation services and plays a pivotal role in the administration of rehabilitation tax incentive programs. Its mission is to ensure that the diverse architectural legacy of North Carolina remains intact to the benefit of all its citizens. 

One of the Restoration Services Branch's primary commitments to North Carolinians lies in its offering of expert guidance on building conservation. This guidance ranges from consulting on maintenance best practices to providing education on the behavior of building materials, old and new. By assisting homeowners, business owners, non-profits, local governments, and construction industry professionals, the branch aids in the responsible upkeep of North Carolina’s rich architectural heritage.

An equally significant facet of the branch's work is its facilitation of building rehabilitation via federal and state historic tax credits. These credits serve as a financial stimulus to assist property owners in the rehabilitation of historic structures across the state. As both an advocate for and an administrator of these incentive programs, the branch helps catalyze adaptive reuse and associated economic activity in North Carolina's historic neighborhoods and communities.