State Grants

Unfortunately, there are no state nor federal grants available for the rehabilitation of privately-owned properties in North Carolina. Some local governments offer small grant programs for exterior improvements.  Please contact your local planning office to see if such programs exist in your area.

Privately-owned historic properties may be eligible for federal and/or state rehabilitation investment tax credits.

In past years, the North Carolina General Assembly has made funds for preservation projects available to local governments and nonprofit groups through one-time discretionary appropriations. Appropriations have not been made in recent years and may or may not resume in the future. Appropriations have assisted historic property and archaeological surveys, survey publications, and National Register nominations, but the primary focus of state grants has been restorations of historic buildings owned by local governments and local non-profit organizations. State appropriations have never been made for restorations of historic properties owned by private individuals. The State Historic Preservation Office has no role in the appropriation process, though staff is available on request to provide technical assistance to projects receiving appropriations.


This page was last modified on 03/09/2023