Grants for Historic Preservation Projects

Please note that there are neither federal nor state grants for restorations of privately owned propertiesPrivately owned historic properties may be eligible for federal and/or state rehabilitation investment tax credits

Certified Local Government (CLG) GRANTS: The only grant program available directly through the State Historic Preservation Office (HPO) is the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) pass-through grant. HPF funds are made available to the HPO through the National Park Service. Eligible applicants are Certified Local Governments (CLGs). Not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions within a CLG may also be eligible to apply through their local historic preservation commission. Refer to this map of CLGs for more information.

The recommended local matching requirement is forty percent (40%) of project costs, and the HPF share is sixty percent (60%). Eligible projects include architectural and archaeological surveys, National Register nominations, survey publication manuscripts, local preservation design guidelines and preservation plans, educational activities, local preservation commission training, and pre-development planning and restoration of National Register properties.